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New Tech Electronics is a leading firm engaged in the manufacture, supply and export of a complete range of Process Instrumentation products such as Temperature Calibrator, Thermocouple Calibrator, PID Controllers, Industrial Automation Systems, Level Sensors, Flow sensors, Process Automation Transducers, Building Automation Systems, Automation System Integrators, Door Inter Lock, Timers, Counters,  Sensors,  PLC,  Control Unit Our products are widely used in pharmaceutical, steel, chemical, food and beverages, auto-mobile, packaging and agriculture industries. Manufactured using technology developed by our design and development department, these products are rigorously tested for quality. This range of products conforms to relevant global norms and standards.


  1. Blow Room, Photo Cell Control Unit, TX/RX Sensors
  2. Blow Room Counter / Proximity Sensor
  3. Carding Coiler stop motion
  4. Carding Under speed relay (speed governor)
  5. Carding 12 to 24 volt slaver sensor
  6. Drawing long creel stop motion, individual 16 sensors / 2 control unit
  7. Drawing short creel stop motion sensors with unit
  8. Drawing front creel stop motion TX/RX sensor with unit
  9. Drawing earth stop motion 4 i/p, 4 lamp o/p with relay cutoff
  10. Silver lap stop motion TX/RX sensor with unit
  11. Comber empty lap stop motion
  12. Comber earth lap stop motion
  13. Comber earth stop motion 12 i/p, 2 lamp o/p with 7 segment display & relay cutoff
  14. Optical photo master TX/RX with control unit
  15. Optical roving master TX/RX with control unit
  16. RPM / Hank meter (spinning)
  17. Universal Counter
  18. RSB Stop motion
  19. Over Head Cleaner Controlling unit
  20. Thermistor control unit
  21. Chute Sensor
  22. A1D1 / cyclic / digital timers

Pharmaceutical products

  1. Automatic water level controller
  2. Timer with sensors
  3. Cycle timer / On delay timer / Off delay timer
  4. DC motor drive up to 3 HP
  5. Temperature Data logger
  6. No tube, no filling controller
  7. Empty bottle detector
  8. Safety systems for machines
  9. Stepper motor drive
  10. Pass box interlocking system
  11. Dynamic pass box interlocking system
  12. 2/3/4 door interlocking system
  13. Rfid / biometric door access system
  14. Temperature / pid controller  / data logger
  15. Incubator controller / data logger
  16. Power supply with relay control unit
  17. SMPS, 5, 12,24 48 volt dc
  18. Digital Counters / RMP meter
  19. Vibrator controller
  20. Dimmer
  21. Custom made embedded products



  • Plc / hmi and i/o card
  • Plc / hmi controller (custom made)
  • Labeling machine controller & sensors
  • Filling machine controller
  • brine chiller control system
  • Tablet coating control system
  • Tablet counting / filling control system
  • Cotton inserter control system
  • Ot surgical control panel
  • Surgeon control panel
  • Ahu control system
  • Hvac control system
  • Remote monitoring system
  • Single board computer based embedded application
  • Raspberry pi based automation
  • Panel pc based on raspberry pi with touch screen
  • Customized Controllers and plc


1. Ultra sonic level sensor

2. M8, M12, M16, 12 to 24 volt proximity

   sensors N.P.N./ P.N.P. No & Nc types.

3. M18, 12 to 24 volt optical sensor

     N.P.N./P.N.P. No @Nc types,

4. M18, 230 volt AC sensor No & Nc types.

5. M18 Capacity type

6. Difuse sensor

7. Colour Mark sensor

8. Smoke sensor

9. PT100, K type, J type temperature sensor


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